Get Involved
Community members play an important role in defending Oregonians from unjust deportations.

Become a Navigator

If you are affiliated with a social service, religious, or nonprofit organization, you may qualify to serve as a volunteer navigator. Navigators play an important role in connecting community members to legal services by conducting intakes and assisting with Know Your Rights presentations.

If you would like to become a navigator, fill out the form below. We will invite you to upcoming trainings.

Become a Pro Bono Attorney

Volunteer attorneys enable Equity Corps to serve more Oregonians at risk of deportation. For example, volunteer attorneys may assist by providing additional case support for highly complex cases and/or representing individuals who fall outside the current Equity Corps service area.

If you are an attorney, whether you practice corporate law or immigration law, and would like to get involved, fill out the form below. We will notify you of upcoming trainings and case placement conferences

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