ECO referrals from Healthy Oregon Project (HOP)

In Partnership, Care Oregon and Equity Corps of Oregon (ECO) seek to identify the relationship between generalized health risks and tenuous immigration status, in order to provide holistic support services to all Oregonians.

#1 What is Equity Corps of Oregon (ECO)?

ECO is a statewide collaborative of community-based organizations, nonprofits, and attorneys working to provide Universal Legal Representation to all immigrants in Oregon. ECO provides free legal services for Oregonians to reduce family separation, deportation, and detention.

ECO helps enrollees file for asylum, apply for work authorization, and more. No cost legal services helps keep families and communities whole and supports a more just Oregon for everyone. More information here.

#2 Who’s Eligible for ECO?

You may be eligible for ECO if­:­

  1. You live in Oregon.
  2. You make less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline as a household.
  3. You are in danger of removal or are experiencing a civic exclusion, like being unable to work or travel, due to your immigration status

#3 How to approach the referral and is the information I share confidential and safe?

“In order to provide you with all possible means of support, HOP is newly partnering with the Equity Corps of Oregon, ECO, to refer our members to free immigration legal services. ECO helps with things like work permits, asylum applications, and immigration court representation. If you are interested, may I ask you 3 more quick questions?”

  • Do you believe your health, family, or personal life could benefit from talking to an immigration lawyer?
    • If yes: which of the three (health, family, or personal life, answer all that apply) would benefit from the immigration legal services?
  • Would you like us to refer you to our new project, ECO, that connects HOP members to free legal services?

And yes, their information is confidential and safe! ECO participants will be contacted by a trained and trusted ECO navigator within 2 weeks to help complete the application process and answer any questions that they have. The law protects the information they share as confidential when enrolled in ECO and when working with a lawyer. ECO will only share information with participants’ consent and for the expressed purpose of winning their case!

#4 How do I refer someone to ECO?

  1. Email HOP Referrals to: &
    • Subject: HOP Referral
  2. Please Include the following information:
    • Response to the referral questions above (and any additional information consent language as determined necessary by HOP)
    • Enrollee First and Last Name
    • Enrollee preferred language
    • Enrollee date of birth
    • Primary phone #
    • Secondary phone # if available

#5 What if someone calls us back after referring?

Please provide the # to the ECO Statewide Call Center. 1-888-274-7292

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