ECO Panel Attorney Program


Equity Corps of Oregon’s objective is to provide universal representation, which protects our communities by making sure that no individual faces the risk of deportation or exclusion without legal consultation and representation. Equity Corps ultimately aims to end unjust and unfair deportations and civic exclusions by providing access to an attorney and support services for every eligible Oregonian at risk of removal or civic exclusion on account of immigration status.

Equity Corps has established an Attorney Panel Program to represent persons eligible for services. Panel attorneys, as known as ECO Providers, will be engaged to provide representation to individuals enrolled with ECO on their immigration cases in order to achieve this goal.

ECO Panel Attorney Program Application & Registration

You can apply for the ECO Panel Attorney Program and register by filling out the ECO Panel Attorney Program Application & Registration Form.

ECO Billing Authorization

Equity Corps has established a Legal Services Fund that provides compensation to ECO-designated providers and reimbursements for certain expenses. The terms and conditions for use of the fund are outlined here.

ECO Panel Attorney Program Guidance

The ECO Panel Attorney Program Guidance describes in detail the program’s eligibility requirements, the scope of the work, the panel structure, reporting requirements, compensation rules and other relevant information.

Technical Guidance

OWR’s Equity Corps of Oregon program has established a Strategic & Technical Support Services program to support attorneys and accredited representatives in the ECO network in their representation of ECO participants.

Immigration law is complex. Immigration advocates, particularly new attorneys or accredited reps or those who do not regularly practice immigration law in the field, often encounter difficult questions of law and fact. The program aims to bring a sense of community to the ECO network, and in so doing, sharpen the ability and resilience of all ECO practitioners in their client-facing work.