ECO Skill Building Classes​

ECO offers various classes to build skills. Classes can be in-person, online, or a mixture of both.  All classes use facilitation methods designed to serve the particular geographic or culturally-specific needs of ECO participants.


Education on the immigration process

These workshops provide a safe space for learning important rights under immigration law. Topics may include any or all of the following: Substantive elements of immigration relief options, including asylum, family-based immigration, relief for victims of crimes, and Temporary Protected Status (TPS), among others. Understanding immigration law procedures, including removal and bond proceedings.

How to prepare for removal proceedings

Preparing for a master calendar hearing Preparing for an individual (merits) hearing Sharing from community leaders who have experienced the removal hearing process Discussing and explaining the forms of legal relief and other parts of the removal process, including, but not limited to, notices to appear and voluntary departure

Leadership Development & Advocacy

Development of Community Leaders who will contribute and create a positive impact on their local communities, and receive mentoring and access to networking opportunities with partners of ECO.

Community navigation

Teaching and certifying individuals to become community navigators for ECO.

Mutual Aid & Support Groups

Mutual Aid or support groups for individuals experiencing deportation or the deportation process Mutual Aid or support groups for individuals who are or have experienced detention

How to enroll and access services in Equity Corps of Oregon (ECO)

Working with an accredited representative or lawyer