Resources, Standards & Guidelines For Attorneys & Representatives​

Curated resources for ECO-affiliated attorneys and accredited representatives plus OSB program Standards & Guidelines for immigration representation.

Standards & Guidelines

The Oregon State Bar has adopted  standards and guidelines that delineate a set of benchmarks or measures for immigration practitioners and the organizations that employ them, as well as a non-exhaustive enumeration of examples of how one might go about complying with those measures. They are not rules or requirements, but explanations, examples, and tools to benefit experienced and new advocates to the field.

The standards and guidelines, drawn significantly from the American Bar Association’s Standards for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid, are meant to provide a framework for immigration practice and to facilitate the provision of high-quality immigration legal services in Oregon. They do not account for all possible circumstances of immigration practice. They do not supplant the professional judgment of an attorney or accredited representative or the requirements set forth in the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct.

OSB Legal Services Program, Immigration Practice and Performance Standards and Guidelines (Feb. 2023)

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