OWR’s Equity Corps of Oregon program has established a Strategic & Technical Support Services program to support attorneys and accredited representatives in the ECO network in their representation of ECO participants. The program aims to bring a sense of community to the ECO network, and in so doing, sharpen the ability and resilience of all ECO practitioners in their client-facing work. To that end, ECO provides the following template resource materials to approved providers within the ECO network.

Equity Corps of Oregon is an effort to facilitate universal representation so that every eligible Oregonian can defend against an unjust or unfair deportation or civic exclusion on account of immigration status. The templates provided are for informational or planning purposes only. Equity Corps of Oregon, Innovation Law Lab, and Oregon Worker Relief are not liable for any errors, omissions, or defects in the templates. They are provided as-is.

Additional templates available upon request: attorneyoftheday@equitycorps.org