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    While our state has long relied on the contributions of immigrant Oregonians to our local and state economies, state policies and programs have systematically excluded people based on their immigration status. Oregon Worker Relief has been a lifeline for immigrant Oregonians through programs including the Climate Change Fund, the Home Fund, Universal Representation, and more. Our community-led approach has helped over 93,000 immigrant Oregonians through emergency relief for farmworkers who face dangerous working conditions from extreme heat and wildfire smoke, rent assistance to keep families housed, and no-cost immigration legal services. 

    Universal legal representation helps keep Oregon families and communities whole by safeguarding against unjust deportation. Without representation, immigrant Oregonians are more likely to be deported, regardless of the merits of their case. When immigrant Oregonians are deported, our entire state suffers

    Is your community based organization interested in joining the network of groups that defend immigrant Oregonians through Equity Corps of Oregon?  Here’s what you need to know:

    CBO Eligibility:

    Ways that Community Based Organizations can be involved in ECO

    Apply to become an ECO CBO now

    ECO is part of Oregon Worker Relief, a statewide network of community-based organizations dedicated to providing assistance to immigrant Oregonians excluded from federal and state safety-net programs. To be a part of ECO first you need to become a CBO from the OWR Network. To do that you must:

    1. Submit this application(google form).
    2. Requests will be passed along to the OWR Executive Committee for review. 
    3. If approved, a representative from OWR will contact you for next steps.

    RFP Opportunities for CBOs: 

      ECO Skills Sharing Workshop RFP


      Through periodic outreach and facilitated workshops, ECO participants across the state and situated in different cultural communities can participate in, learn and share skills and knowledge that help improve successful individual and community outcomes. 

      ECO Legal Services Infrastructure Development


      The capacitation grant supports CBOs in creating legal infrastructure (policies, protocols, practices, libraries, etc) and applying for recognition through the U.S. Department of Justice’s Recognition & Accreditation Program. It provides stipends to support training non-lawyer staff to be able to capably and competently provide affirmative and defensive immigration services. Through the capacitation of CBOs to support and provide legal services via the US DOJ Recognition/Accreditation program, more ECO participants will be served, thus improving overall individual and community outcomes. 

      ECO immigration Court Specialty Clinic


      ECO Immigration Court Specialty Clinic serves as a support for ECO participants in removal proceedings and, simultaneously, guiding and developing law students in immigration advocacy and court work through dedicated externships, internships, and similar field placements. The clinic works closely with the Oregon law schools.

      ECO Navigation Services


      Through targeted outreach,  ECO participants will be enrolled into ECO through legal navigations. This grant provides capacitation support for community-based organizations to navigate and support for individual navigations.

      ECO Legal Services Funds


      Equity Corps has established a Legal Services Fund that provides compensation to ECO-designated providers and reimbursements for certain expenses. The terms and conditions for use of the fund are outlined here.

      ECO Implementation Plan for Strategic & Technical Support Services


      Equity Corps has established a Technical Support & Strategy program to support attorneys in the ECO network in their representation of persons. Immigration law is complex. Immigration advocates, particularly new attorneys or accredited reps or those who do not regularly practice immigration law in the field, often encounter difficult questions of law and fact. Attorneys may become frustrated because they cannot independently navigate a complex situation or legal question. They may spend countless hours working towards a solution that they do not have the independent experience, tools, or expertise to address. Attorneys and program managers can experience frustration and confusion because they lack sufficient resources to troubleshoot cases. Attorneys may feel isolated because there are not other attorneys at their org or firm. The ECO Technical Support, & Strategy program aims to bring a sense of community to the ECO network, and in so doing, sharpen the ability and resilience of all ECO practitioners in their client-facing work.

      ECO Panel Attorney: 


      Equity Corps has established an Attorney & Accredited Representative Panel Program to represent persons eligible for services. Panel attorneys and Accredited Representatives, as known as ECO Providers, will be engaged to provide representation to individuals enrolled with ECO on their immigration cases in order to achieve this goal